Plan Design Strategy

Our FREE consultation and analysis includes the following plan design services geared around developing benefit packages that fit the needs of both client and employee.

  • Review of company culture and financial objectives
  • Analyze actual claims usage/employee needs
  • Utilization of benchmarking surveys & market data
  • Perform health analytics, financial modeling and budgeting

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Wellness Initiatives

Consideration/utilization of additional strategies such as wellness programs, voluntary benefits, key benefits and other initiatives that challenge rising premiums and healthcare costs, while simultaneiously addressing a host of employees’ needs at the core of their overall well-being.

  • Attract and retain top employees
  • Promote healthcare consumerism & financial stability
  • Empower/enrich employees with more choices and options
  • Lower costs through reduced premiums and increased productivity

Your Insurance Advocate

Boyce & Associates has provided employers with innovative benefit design and expert HR services for nearly 30 years.  We are well-known throughout industry, having distinguished ourselves an insurance advocate for employers.

  • Act as an advisor, not a sales agent
  • We work for our clients, not our carriers
  • We work with multiple carriers/vendors to offer more options to fit our clients’ needs
  • We leverage our strong relationships with carriers and other vendors to benefit our clients

Benefit Automation

Boyce & Associations offers clients the latest in technology/automation of group health enrollment, compliance and other HR processes to ensure the success of their benefit programs.

  • Reduce manpower
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase compliance
  • Reduce errors

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Plan Management & Renewals

Boyce & Associates believes the more we can do for our clients, the more time they have to dedicate to other important functions of the day.  Accordingly, we handle the following tasks associated with our client’s benefit programs.

  • Onsite implementation with question/answer sessions
  • Onboarding, new hires & terminations
  • Assistance with claims and billing issues
  • Employee education, communications and advocacy
  • Proactive strategy for annual renewals

Our Benefit Plans


Traditional Group Health

HMO & PPO Plans from top national carriers, designed for small, medium and larged size groups.

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Self-Funded Plans

Designed for small, medium & large groups, offering a significant savings in the cost of benefits.

Partially Funded Plans

Partner with the carrier to reduce your risk while still saving on benefit costs.

Premium Only Plans (POPs)

A flexible arrangement that saves employers & employees on premiums, taxes and paperwork.

Group Dental & Vision

Offered as a paid or voluntary benefit, a staple benefit proven to promote overall health.

Group Life Insurance

Offered as a paid or voluntary benefit, an essential part of the group benefit offering.

Group Disability

Surveys show that disability insurance tops the list as one of most desired benefits by employees.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

An FSA allows employees to save money by paying for health care costs with pre-taxed dollars.

Key Person Benefits

Key Person insurance protects the top executives who are critical to the success of your company.

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Voluntary Benefits

Offers your employees more coverage and insurance options, providing extra financial security at discounted group rates.
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Wellness Initiatives

Wellness benefits are proven to increase productivity, reduce claims and cut absenteeism.

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Group Medicare

Eligible employees receive a higher level benefits when compared to regular Medicare.

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